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When your doctor examines you, having a good appetite is considered one of the indicators of your health. Consistent loss of appetite is, on the other hand, an indication of a deeper problem. That’s why one of the first questions a nurse or a doctor will ask when you go in for a visit is about your appetite.

Similarly, your spiritual appetite is one of the great indicators of your spiritual health. If you experience no appetite for God, then you are revealing your lack of connection to Him.

We live in a day when most of us don’t have to worry about being hungry for very long. Most people in the Western world have plentiful access to food. Sure, we may be inconvenienced by the time it takes to go to a store or restaurant, but very few of us in our nation know true physical hunger.
It wasn’t like that in biblical days when there were no freezers or refrigerators. People had to hustle after food day in and day out because it couldn’t typically be preserved for extended periods of time. In addition, food preparation was often laborious and lengthy. Little was wasted when little is all they had.

Real hunger can be so deep and so gnawing that it can literally hurt, keeping someone awake all night. This is the hunger and the thirst Jesus spoke about. He told us that when it comes to the spiritual realm, we are blessed if we have this kind of hunger and thirst. We are blessed if we passionately desire righteousness.

So, what are you hungry for? What do you thirst for? What’s your spiritual appetite like?