It has been a long haul. I have been in the hospital of six days. During the fourth day I had a near death experience. There was a nurse checking my vitals, and she left me into the middle. What I saw was she was watching the main monitors, especially my blood pressure. She left quickly, and came back with several doctors, and nurses.

It seems that my blood pressure was crashing. It went from a good 122/60 to 80/40. If it continued I would die. They kept watching it and eventually it started coming back up. I wasn’t told what happening.

After six days in the hospital, I was sent to a rehab facility. I was there for 24 days, and finally came home.

I am slowly progressing. Being able to do this post is an example. I couldn’t have done this before, because I couldn’t be sitting that long in one spot.

I am able to sit in my recliner as long as I need to now doing many things, even exercises.

This is my post for today. I will be doing three posts a week, in the future starting Wednesday.

God bless…