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The Furious Weather We Are Having Causes Much Pain and Destruction

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What a scary few days we have had here lately. It’s called freezing rain! I feel that freezing rain is one of the most destructive weather situations you can face.

There was an inch of frozen rain on the ground and trees. The ground was a problem, but the real danger was the trees. They couldn’t take the weight of the ice.

There were trees that broke in half everywhere. Right across the street from me, there is still a tree on the roof of the house. The crews are totally swamped right now.

Next door to them is another tree that lost a massive limb that completely blocked the driveway.

You do not think of the ramifications of a storm like this until you have no electricity. That is devastating. You can’t cook. You can’t use your electric toothbrush, or electric razor.

You can’t use the toaster to even make toast.

There was no heat as well. That was very hard on us. We had to sit in front of the natural gas fireplace wrapped in blankets. We threw extra blankets on our bed at night.

We had to eat out of a cooler that was in the garage. BTW… the garage door wouldn’t open either.

This went on for 48 hours.

We have survived, and the electricity and heat is back. We have a friend staying with us that doesn’t have any electricity or heat. We are so glad we can help her.


How are you doing this winter? Have you had severe weather like we have had?

I pray that everything is going in the right direction for you now. This is the time to lean on God. He knows what is happening. He knows what you are going through. Pray for His protection, and calmness.


God didn’t promise us a rose garden, and of course there are those thorns. He will not make you face anything you can’t handle. He is a loving God, and wants the very best for you.

Stay strong in this not so friendly world. Don’t let the dark side overcome you. I realize that our country is close to chaos right now. Many wrong things are happening. Cling to the promises that God has for us and survive.



You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!


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God Never Calls us to do Something easy

We are certainly in tough times in our country. The Pandemic virus is growing fast. There is mass rioting throughout our country. People are out of work because of the Pandemic. Children can not go back to school to learn.

I was told the other day that this is a huge sign of the end times.

It may be, but what do we do if it is?

We need to have FAITH!

1 Faith is always true.

2. Faith always goes forward.

3. When God speaks to us we have enough faith to say yes.

God is in the business of doing the impossible. It sure makes you wonder why he is allowing so much chaos. Remember…God is in charge.

The world was shocked when President Trump won the presidential election. Shouldn’t have happened? GOD IS IN CHARGE!

He is watching over us. The next question is… Why is He allowing so much tragedy to happen? This is a tough question. However, God gave us choices. He allowed us to make our own decisions, and then face Him later. That is why dictators exist. That is why there is sex trafficking. That is why there are wars. That is hard for us to have to face, but it is reality with god.

All the rioters, seem to think what they are doing and is noble. They think they are heroes. God will be speaking to each of them later.

How about you? Are you walking the narrow path, or the wide path to destruction? God knows and you know. He knows every hair on your head. There is no place to hide from Him.

Now, I have made God sound like a mean, awful person. Know that He loves you very much. He made you in His own image. He wants the best for you.

BUT, we have to abide by His rules, not ours. There is a wonderful manual to guide you on how to act and how to be. It is called the Bible. If you read and live by it, you are in God loving graces.

So, God never calls us to do anything easy. A friend once told me,”Life is tough and then you die.” Pretty sad. That was many years ago that he told me that, but it still sticks with me today.

Don’t be allowing the dark side to overcome you. Look to the light, which is Jesus Christ our Lord. He died so that you have a chance for eternal life. I say you have a chance, because you have to accept him as your personal savior to receive that gift.

Life IS tough, but be strong and know that God is with you during your storms.



You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…Never, ever, give up!

So many Problems Attack us All At Once

I had a great message online from my church on Sunday. I also was on a phone conference with a dynamic young man who is on fire for the Lord.

From the phone call I wrote down two of the quotes from Taylor Wilkens, area leader for FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes.)

  1. Everything can be chaos around us, but God will help us through the storm.
  2. There are so many bad reports coming from TV and newspapers, when will the good reports start coming in?

He is spot on, and we need to realize that. We are never alone in this world. God is always there for us through the good times, and the bad times.

We are overwhelmed with negative TV, and news in general. When is the last time you saw a feel good story? We need to be strong and block out all of the negativity.


Referring to the protesters, My Pastor said, “Fireworks are exciting. The start is good, but then it is just a pull of smoke.” This reminds me of all the protesters who think what they are doing is right, but in the end they are causing more harm than good.

My Pastor also said, ” You have a house that you have built. You worry about room sizes, where to put the windows, the paintings, etc. Did you think about the foundation? Most people don’t.” Our foundation is the Bible. We get all our guidance from it. If we live by the Bible, our foundation will be strong.


We were told that in reality we are just apprentices for God. We are still learned and growing. You never out grow being an apprentice. I am up in years and I am still learning much.


There is an abundance of fear in our world. We can help others with fear. Reach out to those around you. See how they are doing. Help them if they are struggling. It may be right in your own neighborhood.


We read the story about Peter wanting to get out of the boat and walk to Jesus. We need to get out of our boat and help others. What fear is holding you back from getting out of your boat? Ask yourself, “Why can’t I get out of my boat? Remember, God is not done with you yet. He needs you out of your boat. If we walk with Christ and not towards Him in the water, we are at the safest place to be. I realize that stepping out of a boat right now with all the storms around us is hard, at best, but we Have Good on our side. We win!!

Sorry for the many different topics here, but they were building up in my head, and I was getting a headache. :0



You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never every give up!

Are You Content at This Horrific Time?

How many of you feel content? Do you feel you have everything you need? Does the end of the money come before the end of the month?

I am guessing most of you would be saying NO!

Behind in car payments. Children sick. Parents in assisted living. Rioting throughout our country. The Pendemic taking many lives.

With all this going on we seem to be trained not to be satisfied.

When is more enough?

Let’s check with Jesus to see what He thinks. In one sentence He said: ” We need to be content.”

I could end this post right here, but I am sure you need some more answers.

We need to concentrate on loving what we have.

God gives us another thought: “We have all that we need.”

Bottom line is: We need to have a gratitude attitude.

I have been watching closely what is going on in the world. A pandemic, rioting, and chaos.

It is very easy to get very discouraged right now. What is going to happen? Will my family be safe? Should I stay hunkered down?

The answer to the last question for me is yes. I have to stay hunkered down. I have several underlying problems and I wouldn’t make it if I got the virus. However, my wife and I go on walks every day. In all problems there is a silver lining. We never had time to walk together before.

As for the rioting, looting, and arson. I am very upset, because the majority of the protesters are good people just wanting to use their free speech rights. However, There are some very serious anarchist, attacking the businesses, the police, and other protesters. That have no thought of mourning the death of anyone. They just want to disrupt. I am told they are paid to come in and cause havic.

We need to be strong and pray for God’s intervention here. He is in charge.

I know, It doesn’t seem right that He is allowing all this to happen. Why would He? It is because He gives man the freedom to choose. We are not robots. We do our own thinking and cause our own actions.

Stay the course, and stay close to God. We will overcome these storms together.



You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!

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