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Our Educational System is Brainwashing Our Children to the Dark Side


It has come to mind that our higher education schools have taken a huge turn to the dark side.

I read that a student received an “F”grade because he wrote a paper that disagreed with the professors thoughts on Christianity.

Another time a professor verbally attacked a student for verbally doing the same thing.

This is widespread. Most colleges and universities have leaned to the liberal, not religion school.

Students are brainwashed from the first day of class.


I graduated from Oregon State University way back in 1973. There weren’t too many professors who pushed their own philosophies. I do remember one who hinted at that and the whole class let him know they weren’t interested.

Today, not many students stand up for what they believe. They fear repercussions.


I tell any high school graduate getting ready to go to college, to do their own thinking. They don’t have to disagree with their professors, but they can walk the right path on their own.


I have been watching the news. (I know, bad idea!) I see more and more that the media is leaning towards completely change our country into a socialist country.

More often than not, they say it is what is best for our country. Free college. Continue abortion and even expand it. Close all pipelines. The new “Green Deal.”

It goes on and on. They even want to get rid of cows because they omit gas to pollute.


Back to basics my friends.

We need to read the Bible and adhere to it teachings. We can’t listen to man. Humans are corrupt, and are thinking about themselves and not others.

Everyday I pray that the national and local governments will make decisions that benefit the people and not themselves. Not happened yet.

We have to have good governments for our children, and their children. We need to turn this earth around and start going into the right direction.


How do we do this?

  1. It starts in your own home. Instill into your own children what you know is right, and then they will spread it to their own families. I have done this with my children, and I am so proud to say that all my children and their spouses are Christians, and so are all of their children.
  2. Lead by example. Try to teach, “Monkey see and monkey do,” attitude. When they watch you, are you giving off the right message?
  3. Try to have your family go to church every Sunday. I know that just going to church does not make you a Christian, but I have found that mixing with other Christians at least once a week, does wonders for me. I gain strength that lasts me for the week.


What path are you walking? Does it lead you to the light, or is it a dead end. Take an inventory of your life, and see if you need to do same changes. Pray to God for guidance.



You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!


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Don’t Let Others Define Your Faith

This is the second of a series of discussions on Faith. My last post mention the sadness of thinking there was no hereafter. They who have no faith feel that they die and then turn into dust.

For those of us who believe and have faith, there is a bright path we are walking on. We know where we are going. We know because we saw the last chapter of the book.

One mistake we all make is to try to keep calmness around us, because there are many who will persecute us for our beliefs. We fear we can’t come up with the right things to say when we are challenged.

Here are some thoughts on that.

  1. You never have to try to convince anyone about their own lives being wrong. They already know it, and will probably attack if you mention it.
  2. My thought is to just share why I believe without out judging the other person. I share what my life was before I believed and the after I believed.
  3. Let them ask you questions. Don’t worry about getting the answers wrong. They are now in a different level. They are inquisitive.
  4. Just show other about your faith by your everyday actions. I have had more people ask me why I am so optimistic all the time. Boom! I can open up my heart. Many times They say they want some of that.
  5. Don’t hide your faith, but you also don’t need to stand on a corner and shout, “You are going to Hell, if you don’t believe!”I have gone to big sporting events, and sure enough there are always one or two people outside who are screaming at you. To many they are driving people away not bringing them closer.

The bottom line is that you just need to be you, and show others your love and caring way. That is a living testimony.


You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all….never, ever, give up!!


This is where I share some more about my upcoming book.

Today I am going to share how the book is laid out.

  1. The book starts out with me sharing my life while I was in the military.
  2. I share some funny and not so funny things that happened to me in basic training.
  3. I then share my advanced training school time.
  4. After that I was deployed to South Korea. Many stories. Some scary.
  5. Then I will share my time at Ft. Bragg. My scariest moment happened there.

This is the best part:

The rest of the will be actual interviews with veterans who have been in the trenches. I can guarantee you some of the stories will be very scary, sad, and tense. They will be some humor as well.

The appendix at the end will have several pages for jobs and careers for the military. Very extensive.


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